Wargamer Brush: Large Drybrush

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This speciality drybrush has a 43 degree angle cut on the hard tip, making it absolutely unique in design and superb for drybrushing – as you will not have to bend your wrist to hit the model 100% due to the expert cut. This Brush is a must have for the serious painter!


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  • Angled head for effortless drybrushing – This spectacular drybrush has an angle cut to make it no less than perfect for drybrushing. The angle cut allows you to get into hard to reach areas for very controlled drybrushing.
  • High quality Toray bristles – This brush is made from the finest Toray synthetic. Toray brushes release paint a bit slower than sable does, allowing you more control when using a brush this size.
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip – We have given our larger brushes a full round handle to allow for a looser grip when doing broad strokes across your favourite models. Don’t let a cramp get in the way of your painting deadline
  • European quality – All our brushes are handmade and quality checked in Germany to ensure the best possible quality.
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